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DA PAM 385-5 Fundamentals of Safety in Sports and Recreation

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Today’s PDF is DA PAM 385-5 Fundamentals of Safety in Sports and Recreation.  It says:

Sports and recreation are an integral part of the American way of life. They provide a basic process through which the Army can help build and maintain an effective fighting force.

b. For many years, the Army has recognized the value of sports and recreational activities in improving morale. By providing servicemen with recreational opportunities equivalent to those in civilian life, the Army can maintain the high level of troop morale essential for efficiency.

c. Sports and recreational activities also develop leadership and team spirit. The soldier encounters many conditions in sports activities similar to conditions in combat. In athletic competition, the qualities of teamwork, personal courage, confidence, aggressiveness, and determination are developed to a high level. As in combat, however, some of these
same qualities may lead to injuries and deaths if pursued to the point of foolhardiness.

If accidents and injuries are to be prevented, the fine line between courage and recklessness, determination and undue stubbornness must be determined. Proper supervision, effective instruction, appropriate training, and thorough planning can help prevent both
athletic and recreational accidents. This pamphlet is intended to support Army-wide efforts toward safety in athletic
and recreational activities.

Besides this PDF There is loads of useful resources on this and other sports at

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