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DA PAM 40-11 Preventive Medicine

DA PAM 40-11 Preventive Medicine
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DA PAM 40-11 Preventive Medicine defines and establishes programs, services, functions, and procedures for implementing the essential elements of Army preventive medicine; it is to be used with AR 40–5.

This new Department of the Army pamphlet, dated 22 July 2005–

  • Outlines the goals of Army preventive medicine (chap 1).
  • Introduces traditional preventive medicine topics including disease prevention and control (chap 2).
  • Covers field preventive medicine (chap 3).
  • Covers environmental health (chap 4).
  • Defines occupational health and the preventive medicine components of the Army Occupational Health Program and provides guidance for programs and services to support that Army program (chap 5).
  • Defines and provides health surveillance and epidemiology and procedures for deployment occupational and environmental health surveillance (chap 6).
  • Promotes soldier, family, community health, and health promotion (chap 7).
  • Describes preventive medicine toxicology (chap 8) and preventive medicine laboratory services (chap 9).
  • Defines and provides guidance for health risk assessment (chap 10) and health risk communication (chap 11).
  • Defines the programs and services within the medical functional area of preventive medicine throughout the publication.
  • Provides detailed instructions, guidance, and procedures and delineates the functions necessary for implementing the policies and responsibilities outlined in AR 40-5 where such information is not published in other Army publications throughout the publication.
  • Provides reference to other Army publications containing implementing instructions, guidance, and procedures related to Army preventive medicine throughout the publication.
  • Prescribes DA Form 3897 (Tuberculosis Registry).
  • Prescribes DA Form 5402 (Barber/Beauty Shop Inspection).
  • Prescribes DD Form 2493-1 (Asbestos Exposure, Part I-Initial Medical
  • Prescribes DD Form 2493-2 (Asbestos Exposure, Part II-Periodic Medical

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