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The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
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The Electromagnetic Pulse is an essay in which the author (unknown) will try to describe what the electromagnetic pulse is. It will then explore the types of bursts that produce different pulses, and the possible effects of the pulses will be examined. Next, the ways to guard against EMP will be examined. Finally, the policy issues concerning the vulnerability of the United States will be explored.

To achieve these goals, three basic sources will be used to describe the technical aspects of the pulse.

Once this has been completed, several journal and magazine sources will be used to consider the vulnerability and policy issues. This format will create a technically based essay. From this science base, several observations of vulnerability will be made to evaluate the United States’ policy and strategy.

From my own perspective, there is a huge amount of misinformation on EMP, and little actual preparation for one.

This is an area that the US is devastatingly unprepared.  Our electrical grid components are made to order outside the continental US, and if an EMP attack takes out our large transformers, you should know that the turnaround time on a new one is approximately one year.

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