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Elementary Chemistry (1902 & 1904)

Today I have two Elementary Chemistry Books from the early 1900’s.  These books are scanned copies from libraries so they have a lot of notations and interesting additions. I share these books because of all the neat things you can do if you have an knowledge of chemistry.

If you don’t believe me, look at the work of Eva Saxl, who used one of these old books and her knowledge of chemistry to extract insulin from animals to keep herself alive in WWII China

I post these documents for your use, in the hope that it is helpful, but I also keep them around for me – because who knows when some piece of obscure information will be needed to keep myself alive.
Of course, one instance of making emergency insulin in a home lab does not make the argument.  I sure would not try it unless the only other option was death.  However chemistry knowledge has a lot of other uses.

Chemistry knowledge can be used by the lay person for leather preservation, the making of explosives such as Dynamite, blasting and percussion powders, gunpowder, nitroglycerin and fuses. Other chapters cover water purification, survival foods, meat preservation, brewing your own beer and liquor, making poison gas, protecting against radiation, the use of drugs, and precious metals testing.

I especially like the brewing.  I have done a fair share of home alcohol making in my day.

Elementary Chemistry (1902)

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Elementary Chemistry (1904)

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