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Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1850 & 1857)

Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1850 & 1857)
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Today I have two PDF Documents, Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1850 & 1857)

1850 Preface:

The approbation with which the former editions of this Manual of Chemistry have been received by teachers and students will, it is hoped, be extended to the present. Having been carefully revised by its author but a short time before his death, and published under the superintendence of his friend, Dr. Bence Jones, it is full and complete up to the date of publication.

The task of the American editor has been to add such new matter as may have since appeared, and to adapt it to the wants of the American student by appending, in the form of notes, such points of interest as would be calculated to retain the position the original has justly attained, and to maintain
it on an equality with the advance of chemical science. The notes of the editor are distinguished by his initials.

From the later 1857 Edition:

The lamented death of the Author has caused the revision of this edition to fall into the hands of others, who have fully sustained its reputation by the additions which they have made, more  especially in the portion devoted to Organic Chemistry, as set forth in their preface. This labor has been so thoroughly performed, that the American Editor has found but little to add, his notes consisting chiefly of such matters as the rapid advance of the science has rendered necessary, or of investigations which had apparently been overlooked by the Author’s friends.

These additions will be found distinguished by his initials. The volume is therefore again presented as an exponent of the most advanced state of Chemical Science, and as not unworthy a continuation of the naked favor which it has received as an elementary text-book.

Apparently the author is the Lous La’mour of 1800’s Chemistry, he passes on, but remains so popular that new books keep coming out.

Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1850)

Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1850)

“Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1857)

Elementary Chemistry Theoretical & Practical (1857)
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