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Elementary Forge Practice

Elementary Forge Practice
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While it is realized that a comprehensive knowledge of Elementary Forge Practice can be gained only thru contact with a commercial shop doing a wide variety of work, it is at the same time believed that an understanding of fundamental principles may be secured thru a carefully planned and conducted course of instruction in a technical schoo1.

This book is designed to assist the student in grasping fundamental principles. To this end a’ series of projects involving fundamental operations has been devised. It may be unnecessary for some students to complete the entire set.

Some of the earlier projects and occasionally others may be omitted if the student has had previous practice or if he shows great facility. On the other hand it will be readily seen that there is a logical order in the series and that some projects must be mastered before others are undertaken.

The whole set may require a longer time than is allotted to the subject in the average manual training course. In such
case the instructor may easily select such work as will meet the peculiar conditions. The criticism given an earlier edition by the technical press, and the reception by teachers of forge and machine-shop practice, have shown the need for a text-book of this type.

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