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EN 5151 Design Forms for a Concrete Wall

EN 5151 Design Forms for a Concrete Wall
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EN 5151 Design Forms for a Concrete Wall is a US Army Correspondence subcourse that addresses the principles of designing wooden wall forms for concrete.  I think the Militaries ability to teach complex skills quickly and effectively is something all educators should learn from.  Because of the effectiveness of this ability, I have added as many of the correspondence courses I could to the 2 disk DVD set I have on military documents (linked in the picture to your left).

One of the carpenter’s most important concerns is to ensure that all wooden concrete wall forms are designed for strength and durability. In this subcourse you will be shown how to properly select the materials and spacing of these materials to gain that desired strength. As a carpenter, you must be able to construct these wall forms to support the concrete during placement and initial set period. This will be performed
in accordance with Field Manual (FM) 5-742.

The lessons in this subcourse reflect the doctrine which was current at the time it was prepared. In your
own work situation, always refer to the latest official publications

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