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Endless Amusement 400 Experiments

Endless Amusement 400 Experiments
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Today’s PDF is Endless Amusement 400 Experiments, I think that of my Chemistry PDFs, this is one of the ones that are the most interesting

As it states on the title page, a collection of “nearly 400 entertaining experiments in various branches of science, including acoustics, arithmetic, chemistry, electricity, hydraulics, hydrostatics, magnetism, mechanics, optics, wonders of the air pump, all the popular tricks and changes of the cards, &c., &c., &c. : to which is added, A complete system of pyrotechny, or, The art of making fireworks: the whole so clearly explained, as to be within the reach of the most limited capacity”.

I think by saying this is written to be “within the reach of the most limited capacity” means it is supposed to be idiot proof.  I hope so, as that is a very hopeful statement.  I know guys of such limited capacity that if you put them in a padded cell with three steel ball bearings in 5 minutes they would lose one, break the second, and impregnate the third.  Those guys are people I definitely don’t want access to a complete system of pyrotechny.

However, if your not a complete moron then knowing some of the things in this book would be pretty neat.

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