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Estimate of the Situation

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This Estimate of the Situation PDF fits very well with my What’s Important Now post on staying calm.

It is based on military training, and I would not be surprised if this is an excerpt from a military text.

All tactics are based upon the ability of leaders on all levels to do an estimate of the situation.

The estimate is a logical thought process which helps the leader apply doctrine to a specific situation to make tactical decisions.

The estimate is the key to mission type orders, exercising initiate, decentralized operations.
The estimate of the situation has five steps:

  • Detailed mission analysis (step 1)
  • Situation and courses of action (step 2)
  • Analyze courses of action wargame (step 3) ~ Compare courses of action (step 4)
  • Decision (step 5)

This quote from the PDF is very close to the USMC 6 Troop Leading Steps or BAMCIS:

BAMCIS is an acronym for:

  • Begin planning
  • Arrange for reconnaissance
  • Make reconnaissance
  • Complete the plan
  • Issue the order
  • Supervise

I talk about different aspects of Marine Corps Leadership in my post Happy Birthday Marine, as well as the PDF on Military Leadership

All of this is relevant to gaining an estimate of the situation so you can accomplish the mission at hand as well as take care of your people.

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