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Everyman’s Chemistry (1917)

Everyman's Chemistry
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Of all the old Chemistry books I have posted to this website, it seems like today PDF: Everyman’s Chemistry is the most well known.  Several reprints can be found online – even at Walmart and Barnes and Noble.

that interest probably stems from the way the author approaches the subject – here is an excerpt:

Chemistry would be the dullest study on earth if it only had to do with the proportionate amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, etc., that a body contains. This is merely the genealogy of things, and bears the same relation to them that the names Of a man’s several grandparents do to him. The interest lies in what these things will do, just as the interesting quality of a man lies in the problem of what he will do under more or less known conditions.Focusing on what you can do with chemistry is the entire reason I post these books in the first place.

Everymans Chemistry (1917)
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