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Exercises in Chemistry

Exercises in Chemistry
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Exercises in Chemistry is another chemistry manual from the turn of the century, this one was written by to Ohio State Professors.

The exercises contained in this . book are systematically arranged to accompany the revised edition of McPherson
and Henderson’s “An Elementary Study of Chemistry.” It has been thought desirable to include in the list a somewhat larger number of exercises than will ordinarily be performed, thus giving the instructor some choice in his
selections. A number of simple exercises bearing on – subjects of special interest to students of home economics are
included under Appendix A. These have to do with simple tests for food constituents, detection of different kinds of
textile fibers, and similar topics. If time is not available for the students interested in such subjects to perform these
experiments in addition to the regular ones^ the instructor may find it possible under the circumstances to make certain substitutions that will appeal to his judgment.

While the experiments selected cover a wide field and are believed to illustrate the general topics included in the
presentation of an introductory course in chemistry, nevertheless they may be performed with simple apparatus and
with chemicals that are readily available. Detailed information in regard to the apparatus and materials required for  performing the experiments will be found in Appendix B. It is no longer necessary to emphasize the importance of laboratory work as a part of the course in elementary chemistry, since it is universally admitted that laboratory experience is essential for a thorough comprehension of the
subject. It is none the less true, however, that laboratory work is of very doubtful value unless carefully directed by an experienced teacher toward some definite end. It is in the hope of aiding such a teacher that this exercise book
has been prepared.

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