Experiments Arranged for Students in General Chemistry (1895)

Experiments Arranged for Students in General Chemistry

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Experiments Arranged for Students in General Chemistry is designed as a guide for beginners in
chemistry. The authors have found the course of instruction as arranged in the following pages productive of good; its object is not to dispense with the supervision of an instructor, but rather to assist him.

The present edition differs from its predecessors in that new experiments have been introduced, while others described in former editions have been modified in accordance with the experience obtained in the daily use of the book with large classes.

Although reference is frequently made to Richter’s “Inorganic Chemistry,” fifth edition, any other text-book on the
subject can be employed in its stead. The experiments have been collected from various sources, and no claim is made for originality.

While the amount of 200 year old chemistry manuals I have posted are starting to be a little TOO much, this one is pretty interesting because it is all about experiments, and I like playing around and seeing what will happen.

I am under the impression that all the DVD collections I have bought over the years were stuffed with these old books because they were cheap filler, but I still think they are interesting.

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