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Facts About Fallout Protection (1958)

Facts About Fallout Protection (1958)
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“Facts About Fallout” is an 8 page 1955 government pamphlet, issued by the Federal Civil Defense Administration, warns Americans about the dangers of radioactive fallout in the event of a nuclear explosion, , and suggests measures citizens can take to protect themselves.

With its upbeat tone and cartoon illustrations, the pamphlet seems to downplay the danger presented by a nuclear event. During the 1950s thousands Americans constructed backyard bomb shelters. The protection they offered was dubious at best against the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

While I know the world has changed, we might not longer be in a cold war, but there are even more countries with a nuclear arsenal – most of which don’t like us American’s very much.  I think it is a crime that we don’t do more education on Civil Defense.

Personally, I am not comfortable relying on someone else to protect me – whether that is the government or not.

To that end I am linking to another wordpress blog – itsadisaster – that has some additional information on How to protect yourself from nuclear fallout (tips about radiation, building an expedient shelter, Facts About Fallout Protection, etc).

As a side note, the picture the site has of the 1955 atom bomb test in Nevada – I got to walk that site when I went to the Nevada test site aka area 50….

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