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How to Find Hidden Cameras

How to Find Hidden Cameras
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How to Find Hidden Cameras is today’s PDF Download, it appears to be a chapter of a larger book, or just a well edited document.

I don’t share this because I want to help criminals stay hidden, I share this to help honest American’s protect their privacy.  I remember a case where a county official got in a lot of trouble because he used cameras bought with homeland security funds to monitor the female employee bathroom at his office.

How to Find Hidden Cameras
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This is only going to get worse as technology improves and morals decline.  There are entire websites around covertly take “upskirt” videos

Covert camera’s can be bought on Amazon for next to nothing – see the example on the right for $13.

There is a need for honest citizens to know how to protect themselves from creepers and others with less than honorable intentions.  I had an ex-wife that tried several times during a rather nasty divorce to secretly record me but she was not very smart about it so it did not work out for her.

If you use this to try to be a secret agent man and get yourself in trouble with the law, then good for you, I don’t like helping criminals, but I do feed them on occasion at work….

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