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First Course in Chemistry (1915)

First Course in Chemistry
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First Course in Chemistry by William McPherson was published in 1915 as a chemistry text book.

In preparing this introduction to the science of chemistry the authors have endeavored to provide a text easily within the grasp of the average high-school student. Their effort has been to make the subject interesting, to use simple
language, to develop the theoretical portions briefly and as a natural outcome of facts already presented, and to emphasize as much as possible the applications of chemistry in everyday life.

The authors realize that the great majority of the students of chemistry in our secondary schools will never go further in the formal study of the science, and
the book is primarily for them. It will be found, however, that the requirements of the College Entrance Examination Board have been fully met.
In addition to the applications to metallurgy and to manufacturing which are always of interest, an unusual amount of matter relating to agriculture, to household chemistry, and to sanitation has been introduced. Since the compounds of carbon play so important a part in our daily life, their discussion has been made more ample than is usual in an elementary course, and the chapters devoted to these compounds have been brought into their proper place in the text.

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