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Game Farming for Profit and Pleasure

Game Farming for Profit and Pleasure
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Game Farming for Profit and Pleasure is offered to the people of North America in the hope that it will hasten the day when our continent will produce enough game to supply abundant food, and health giving recreation.

The author predicts that. America will eventually be the greatest game producing country in the world, and we believe he points the logical way for the fulfillment of this prophecy.

It is time for us to unite in creating, through our own industry, a wealth of wild life to take the place of that which nature gave us, and we so thoughtlessly destroyed. Heretofore our energies
have been mainly expended in trying to bring back the game by prohibitory legislation. Our laws have said, “You must not kill game,” instead of “You may raise game.”

These laws have undoubtedly done much good in a negative way, but they offer no real solution of the problem. They are not creative. Some of them we shall probably need always, but many of them will become obsolete shortly after laws permitting game breeding are enacted.

Prohibitions which seem important when there is little game to protect will become superfluous when a large supply is constantly maintained.

In promoting game breeding, the Hercules Powder Company naturally considers its own interests, but fortunately they are inalienably linked with the country’s welfare in this important matter. We feel no hesitancy in asking all sportsmen who, believe our efforts are in the right direction, to support them by giving us their patronage. We take pleasure in acknowledging our indebtedness to the American Museum of Natural History for photographs and drawings made from its collections.

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