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Glossary of Hanford Terminology (1961)

Glossary of Hanford Terminology (1961)
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This Glossary of Hanford Terminology (1961) stems from the fact that the nuclear world was moving pretty fast and the scientists and technicians inventing this technology began to craft terms to describe what they were making.  Someone needed to build a glossary

This is glossary of terminology that has been compiled to aid in definition of Hanford tank
“jargon”. These definitions have come from so many different sources that it is difficult to name them all.
Where there have been conflicting uses of the same term, it is indicated, and where there is uncertainty as to an exact meaning, a “??” appears to indicate that uncertainty.
When working with dangerous material it pays to be precise and to know exactly what everyone is talking about.  Especially in a world where a lot of acronyms are used to describe technical terms and procedures.
The Hanford Site is a decommissioned nuclear production complex operated by the United States federal government on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington. The site has been known by many names, including Hanford Project, Hanford Works, Hanford Engineer Works and Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project in Hanford, south-central Washington, the site was home to the B Reactor, the first full-scale plutonium production reactor in the world.
Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the first nuclear bomb, tested at the Trinity site, and in Fat Man, the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan.
Glossary of Hanford Terminology (1961)
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