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Gunstock Finishing & Care

Gunstock Finishing & Care
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Today’s PDF is Gunstock Finishing & Care.

I don’t know any serious gun owner that hasn’t tried their hand at minor gunsmithing – normally it starts with refinishing stocks or bluing old guns.

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There isn’t anything wrong with someone modifying their own possessions, but I do caution on home gunsmithing.

If you have a collectable or a gun with historical interest, bluing or refinishing the stock can really damage resale value.

If you bought a case of old Mosin Nagants at $75 a rifle and you want to sporterize and modify a dozen of them, by all means go ahead – I have a couple of British Enfield’s I’ve butchered in this matter, but there are a lot of old guns that have had their collectible ruined in this manner.

Gunstock Finishing & Care
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