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Hand Forging & Wrought Iron Ornamental Work

Hand Forging & Wrought Iron Ornamental Work
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Hand Forging & Wrought Iron Ornamental Work came from the Stanford University Library through Google’s program to scan books and preserve them for prosperity.

The author of Hand Forging & Wrought Iron Ornamental Work wrote it as a text book for instructors of manual training.  It deals primarily with interior ironwork, it does show principles of ornamental hand forging and methods that underlie all forge work.

It has a large amount of drawings and designs because it was writtten for the amatuer.

The author also stated that a large amount of photographs come from articles made by his students.

This text is 209 pages, but 122 illustrations, which is definitely conducive to being used as a text book.

If you want a more modern shop manual, I also recommend

Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop  and Weygers The Making of Tools I reviewed both of those books on my now defunct website the Prepper’s Bookshelf.

At some point I plan on redoing those articles on this site.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Hand Forging & Wrought Iron Ornamental Work”]

I also figure that is you are reading this post you may be interested in blacksmithing, and may be a beginner like I am.

To help, I have a video that I found pretty helpful that I will share in addition to the PDF above.

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