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Hand to Hand Combat

Guide to German Society
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This is an old military manual on Hand to Hand Combat.  It was a special forces manual, but the information is pretty basic and should be a used as a start not and end.

If you want to see how the military combatives science has evolved I added a video on Marine Corps Martial Arts below.  When I was in we did LINE training the current program was not developed when I was active.  I shared a video on USMC LINE Training in another PDF of Military Hand to Hand Combat.

The video below is pretty cool, as they talk about the whole person and not just being able to kill everyone you meet, but to be kind and courteous about it – in one clip after the instructor (acting as a security guard) kicks the crud out of the MMA fighter he appologizes and then knocks him down again… Its awesome, but a great example of one mind any weapon.

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This 2 DVD set contains over 7 Gigs of US and foreign military manuals and documents including courses, technical and field weapon manuals, training aids, special operations manuals, Army regs, and much more.

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UFC Fighters Experience Marine Corps Martial Arts


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