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Harper’s Camping and Scouting

Excerpt from Harper’s Camping and Scouting: An Outdoor Guide for American Boys

Have you ever sat in the saddle from dawn until dark, and watched your pony pick his steps up steeps where a goat would have difficulty, and where the trail winds about, a foot or so wide, dropping sheer a thousand feet on one side, and rising to the white floating clouds on the other?

Have you ever paddled a canoe up a winding river, where the alders and birches form a protecting arch that let in delicious glimpses of blue upon you ? Have you ever paddled noiselessly along shore where the rushes nod and whisper, to find, on suddenly rounding some point, the full moon climbing over the hill,andwhere your breath ceasing for a moment daintily comes a deer to drink, antlers and body black against the light ?

If that doesn’t make you want to get off the couch and into the woods I don’t know what will.

This is not just a reproduction of an important historical work It is a work of art.  If you have a boy that loves the outdoors but can’t stand to read, books like this can speak to them and possibly help them know the love of reading as it shares the love of the outdoors.

Harpers Camping and Scouting
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