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Homemade Traps And Snares

Homemade Traps And Snares
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Homemade Traps And Snares is the subject of today’s PDF.

I have a friend that use to trap in Alaska, he helped make me a couple of snares as well as a small game gambrel.  You can’t really heard well in the videos because his workshop has no electricity and rather than work in the dark he hooked up a generator.

He promises that one day he will teach me how to trap, as I think that in a survival context its much smarter than hunting, the energy expended is less, the time spent is less, and the likelihood of finding supper is higher.  Of course the trade off is that it requires more skill.  Especially if your making homemade traps and snares.

One of these days I want to try out a homemade penny snare, like the one shown at achieving adventure.

I don’t know much of anything about modern trapping, but when I was younger I spent a lot of time in the woods trying to make

traditional snares and deadfalls like I had read the Native American’s used.  I think my favorite is the deadfall trap to the right.  You can tell the skill, as the trap is baited with the appropriate lure for the prey it is set up for.

Seriously though, if part of your disaster plan is to Bug Out to the wilderness, you need to go ahead and learn to trap.  In any survival situation it will most likely be the difference in going hungry and roasting meat for supper.

Homemade Traps And Snares


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