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Hydraulic & Other Machines

Hydraulic & Other Machines
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Hydraulic & Other Machines is an interesting historical document, when they scanned it, it alternates color pictures of the actual pages with black and white scans.  I don’t know why this is, it doesn’t interfere with reading it, but I find it strange.

If you understand basic hydraulics and other machines then you can fix or build just about anything.

This book is old, but the principles in this book have not changed.  The principles in this book have been known for hundreds of years.

This is a good text to learn from, its information is valid, however, being a hundred years old, the method of writing takes getting used to.

If you just want a basic understanding, Bright Hub Engineering has an article online that explains the basic principles.

Below the PDF I will also share a lengthy YouTube video that also shows basic hydraulic principles


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Hydraulic & Other Machines”]

That is a lot of information for a post on free PDF, but if you want to know how something works, then you should be able to find the information somewhere.

I’ll tell you a secret, While I am glad to share this information with you, and I truly hope its helpful, my land has no internet, and I am trying to turn this website into a kind of network attached storage of all the homesteading, gunfighting, medical – whatever – information I have, so I can make a mesh network on my land and run a copy of this website (including all my training PowerPoint) on wi-fi so I can access the information from my phone or tablet wherever I am on the land without having to go to the internet to search google.

Thats a work in itself, and kind of what Weir was doing with his CD3WD set – which he set up to run on a harddrive.
Unfortunately the bulk of his work is not in PDF its in HTML and so won’t work on this site.

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