Radiological Instruments for Civil Defense (1955 & 1958)

Both of these PDFs of Radiological Instruments for Civil Defense are Civil Defense Technical Bulletins.  TB 11-20 to be exact.  One is from September 1955 and the other October 1958

I have covered radiological instruments before and have a couple videos on the basic use of these machines, calibration of the meters,  as well an article on personal dosimetry.

If you are still unsure of what radiation actually is I have a pretty good article on that also.

As a trained responder, I would rather deal with a radiological emergency that a chemical or biological incident of the same scale.  Nuclear events follow specific physical rules.  I can determine a safe level get out my meter and set a flag at the exact spot where it is unsafe to pass.  With a chemical you can’t do that.

However, I find that in the prepping community and to a much greater extent the base population, false information and fear cause most people to fear radiological events much more than chemical.

To easy those fears by education, I have a lot of information on this website dealing with nuclear incidents.  I hope they are helpful to you.


Radiological Instruments for Civil Defense (1955)


Radiological Instruments for Civil Defense (1958)


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