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SM14-1 Emergency Rescue Training

SM14-1 Emergency Rescue Training is a handbook of old civil defense instructor guides for on the spot training in basic, light, and heavy rescue.

This book is similar in use to law enforcement roll-call training.  You take trained staff and give them quick refresher training before they deal with some specific incident.

“Hey guys before we do this cell extraction, lets take a minute to go over everyone’s job so no one gets hurt”

There is so much information in modern rescue that it is hard to remember everything.

As it says in this manual, the time taken to refresh should be based on:

  • Background experience of stall
  • Ratio of trained to untrained
  • Equipment available
  • Time Available

I have been in situations where there is no time, no equipment, inexperienced and/or untrained staff were the majority of personnel available and failure was not an option.  You just have to make it work.

Having information like SM14-1 Emergency Rescue Training make it easier to accomplish the mission, but remember this is an old document and is not up to date, and even if it was current it was never meant to replace complete lesson plans.

I like CERT training for the layman, but it seems the Federal Government doesn’t really support it.  I know for a fact some state Homeland Security organizations don’t like to give the classes because I have tried several times to get county officials in the course and got no response.

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