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Storage Barrel

Storage Barrel
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I don’t know where this Storage Barrel PDF originated, but it is a pretty good idea.  I am a big believer in emergency kits, I have then in my car, my house, my land, my momma’s house, and few not to be named…  My first 72 hour kit was a red cross kit in a corrugated box.

After a few years and practice runs the box was toast and the kit moved to a 5 gallon bucket.  This was much sturdier and allowed the case itself to be useful.

5 gallon buckets can be used for so much during a disaster.

Add a screw on gamma lid like the one pictured to the left and you have airtight storage,   You could also buy a snap on toilet lid to do your business with.

I like the backpacks and the lifting straps, they make carrying around your bucket storage much easier.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Storage Barrel”]

I hope this post on using a 5 gallon bucket to store your supplies is useful to you. I added a bunch of Amazon links to items that I feel make the basic 5 gallon bucket much more useful.

I know that I use buckets all around the home and land.

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