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TB PMG 21 Crimes involving Poisons

TB PMG 21 Crimes involving Poisons is another Army Provost Marshal Technical Bulletin.  It is a guide for miltary police investigating the poisoning of human beings.

While this is primarily for human on human crime, the scope of the manual suggests that the procedures may also be useful in the investigation of poisoning of animals.

I doubt any readers of this site will be called upon to investigate criminal poisoning of a human being.  Unfortunately I believe it is possible that homesteaders or those with guardian dogs to have to deal with someone maliciously poisoning animals.

While I have not had an animal poisoned, soon after my junkie neighbor said they were not interested in living next to a goat farm, all my animals (three AGH/Kune Kune hogs and two goats) died.  A few were shot with hunting rifles.

Law enforcement was uninterested in this case, as apparently they inform on the local drug trade.  My question on how can a person snitch on things they aren’t involved in went unanswered.

While this is not pointing related, I do have some understanding of how devastating the murder of livestock can be, and anything I can do or share that helps bring such criminals to justice is something I am interested in doing.


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