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TB PMG 7 Fingerprinting

TB PMG 7 Fingerprinting
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TB PMG 7 Fingerprinting is a US Army Technical Bulletin on the problems encountered in the field taking fingerprints.  This TB aids the user in applying proven techniques and processes.

I used to have to take fingerprints as a part of teaching Armed Security.  Occasionally I may still take fingerprints for background checks with my employer.  I don’t do it often anymore, so I am out of practice.

It is not as simple as finger in ink, finger on paper.  Rolling the finger and getting good readable prints that are acceptable to the FBI is a skill.  The skill requires practice and some level of training.  Its not rocket science, like any skill it can be taught and it can be improved with practice.

If you haven’t taken a fingerprint course, and you need to take fingerprints for whatever reason then TB PMG 7 Fingerprinting should be useful.

As a thought, it may be nice to take some fingerprints (and recent photographs) of the members of your family in case something happens.  I don’t know, that may be a stretch, I posted this PDF because I had it and I believe information needs to be shared, all the  guys I know that take fingerprints have been given a class.

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