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TC 3-10 Commander’s Tactical NBC Handbook

TC 3-10 Commander's Tactical NBC Handbook
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Training Circular 3-10 Commander’s Tactical NBC Handbook provides commanders of battalion and brigade-sized units with the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to train and operate under nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) conditions.

Ultimately, the focus of this manual is to take the mystery and fear out of NBC defense. Leaders and soldiers must develop confidence in their equipment and in their own ability to both survive and operate effectively while wearing MOPP gear.

If you have ever operated out of mopp gear then you understand the need for TC 3 10.  I could work with it fine, it was uncomfortable, but the thing that got me was shooting using a gas mask.  It was hard enough aligning my sites through the bubble of the mask lens, but add in the tiny lenses of my eye glass inserts and I had to do yoga just to get everything lined up.

This training manual emphasises training under NBC conditions, that means using the gear you have to perform mission critical tasks while wearing protective gear.

It shares how unit leadership, especially from the commander, impacts performance, and it tells that commander about the additional requirements NBC warfare places on them.

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