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Wrinkles Hints to Sportsmen and Travelers

Wrinkles Hints to Sportsmen and Travelers
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Wrinkles Hints to Sportsmen and Travelers is an interesting book on outdoor dress, equipment and camplife in 1874.

The Introduction of the book says this:

Having been often applied to for information concerning the most suitable Dress, the most efficient Arms, and the best equipment for a Sportsman, I have endeavored, in the following pages, to concentrate my ideas on these points for the benefit of the uninitiated. I have also added a description of the different modes of hunting the fiercer denizens of the Forest, and sundry practical hints upon traveling and campaigning, that may be useful to those who have not yet acquired that experience of camp-life, without which, in a wild and almost unknown country, peopled by treacherous tribes, the Traveler will have much difficulty in keeping bis health sound and his skin whole.

Henry Astbury Leveson was a renouned British author of camping books.  He wrote 13 such books in the 1860s and 1870s.  So he was basically the Ragnar Benson of the time.

As a boy I used to love these old camping books.  I used to pour over them and imagine myself in the wilderness.  I imagine that had a lot to do with where I ended up as an adult.

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