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Food Storage: Freezing Oranges for Long Term Storage

Food Storage: Freezing Oranges for Long Term Storage
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Freezing oranges is the easiest thing in the world to do. The question is why freeze oranges. I do it because we like to buy in bulk in season, and this allows me to keep some around all year long.

I also find that frozen oranges juice better. Additionally, I have a personal habit of chewing on a frozen slice of orange when I come in from the heat of mowing the yard or other activity. I have also found it to be useful for teething babies if you use a smaller and sweeter orange that is not very tart.

To freeze oranges:

  • Simply peel them and break them into segments.
  • Arrange the orange segments on a cookie sheet in a single layer.
  • Pack them as tight as you want, but it is best if the oranges don’t touch. Items that are touching when they are frozen tend to stick together.

Once frozen you can back in bulk and they orange segments won’t stick together. This process works with other items. I do it for make ahead burritos and blackberries all the time.

We did this with bananas and used the frozen fruits to make a non-dairy ice cream.

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