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Fuel From Farms

Fuel From Farms
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Fuel From Farms was republished to help fill the information void that exists with regards to fermentation ethanol. Fuel from Farms tackles the subject of fermentation ethanol in a balanced and reasoned way, with an emphasis on small scale production using farm crops as the source of raw materials.

This book will provide you with an array of facts so that you can make informed judgments. Farms and businesses all across the nation can take part in one of the most exciting endeavors of this new decade.

We are in the midst of a transition from an economy that is dependent on oil to alternative sources of fuels. Ethanol and blends of ethanol and gasoline, such as gasohol, offer a near-term alternative.

The Administration’s recently announced gasohol program will spur the investments that we together must make for a more secure energy future. We will create new markets for our farmers. We will no longer have to throw away waste materials which can be turned into profitable essential fuels.

A part of our effort to increase the production of ethanol will stress dissemina- tion of technically-sound information on the production and use of ethanol. The Department of Energy and the Solar Energy Research Institute is providing cur- rent information on ethanol production and uses in the future. This guide to small-scale ethanol production is the beginning of a series of publications for alcohol production.

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