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Fuel Gas From Cow Dung

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Fuel Gas From Cow Dung was dedicated to the millions of villagers in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal whose need for fuel as been the author’s sole reason for writing it.

With that Dedication to third world energy resources, you know it is a CD3WD document.

About the Author:

“Rev. Saubolle is the pioneer of biogas in Nepal. His oil drum plant, built in 1960 at St. Xavier’s School in Godavari, twenty kilometers south-east of Kathmandu, was used for boiling tea, which “Father” offered to his guests. The biogas plant offered brilliant demonstration of fuel from waste long ‘before it became “fashionable”. Many of us here in Nepal were inspired by his pioneering work.”It was slightly more than a quarter century ago that biogas plants first appeared as a practical source of renewable alternative energy. The idea took time to catch on and to be accepted, but these plants are now in world-wide use. In a recent five year plan India set itself the task of installing 25,000 cow dung gas plants a year. China claims at present the present moment to have some 7,000,000 biogas plants scattered all over the country, ranging
from small family plants to huge government installations for running buses, trucks and diesel-electric generators, besides steadily providing a colossal
amount of rich fertilizer

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