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Fun Way To Water Your Garden With Your Kid

Fun Way To Water Your Garden
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This post has nothing to do with how to water your garden, it is really about having fun with your kids, and doing things you love with the people you love.

I could have easily gotten the water hose and watered the garden in a quarter of the time it took to get the boy to grab the water sprinkler, but where is the fun in that.

I don’t prep because I don’t like people or because I am scared of the boogieman – heck I don’t even prep for disasters – I prepare for life. I prepare to be able to give my kid a good upbringing so that he learns how to think and do for himself.

I never want my son to use the words “nobody taught be how” as an excuse – I want him to have the mental tools to see what needs doing and figure it out for himself – and he sure can’t do that if nobody teaches him the value of getting it done…

I want to teach my son by example, and to prepare him for life more than prepare him for disasters – so by teaching him how fun it is to get out in the garden prepares him to learn the benifits of working hard and working together – and that is much more important than putting water on some plants.

As the boy grows we have a lot of fun doing things, and not all of them are prepper related, but they all build his sense of self confidence and make him enjoy doing things.

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