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How to Build a Trellis for Vines


How to Build a Trellis for Vines
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My father in law created his own 40 acre farm from a rocky section of pine forest. His latest project has been to plant an orchard and a large amount of various grape varieties.

I admired his garden trellis, and plan on recreating his method when I get my own plot of land.

Basically, his trellis is 4×4 posts, sunk into the ground, with holes bored into them to pass high tension wire.

This set up is working very well, and I look forward to harvest time so I can make a lot of grape juice.

Looking into his setup, he used one way anchors that you push your cable through and they hold it tight – this allows you to go back and pull the wire tighter as it stretches.

Then, as the video shows he uses bolts and large washers on the other end that he can tighten up as needed to pull the wire taut.  Its a pretty ingenious set up – when the bolt is tightened as far as it can go, he can lossen it, and then pull the slack out using the one way anchor and then tighten it back up with the bolt.


I shot this video right after he built the garden trellis, not it has been about 3 years and my father in law has a beautiful garden full of grapes and other fruit plants.  I wish I had skill like he does to grow things, but I am working slowly and surely to get there.

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