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Gardening for Better Nutrition

Gardening for Better Nutrition
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Gardening for Better Nutrition is the second in a series of manuals on ‘Socially Appropriate Technology’, whose purpose is to discuss technology from the social aspect. In this they differ from nearly all other appropriate technology literature, which describes materials, techniques, and principles of technology, but not the practice of technology in specific social circumstances, and rarely the organization of specific technical projects.The subject of this particular manual is the basis technology of horticulture and vegetable growing, as it applies mainly to family gardens. Conventional agricultural services, on the whole, encourage commercial crop production without- much thought for the nutritional consequences of the policies they advocate. Medical services and other organisations concerned with the high incidence of malnutrition in some countries have experimented with a different kind of agricultural program aimed at helping those who grow vegetables for immediate use by
their own families.

At least that is what the introduction of this PDF says.  Personally I like it because it focuses on gardening for those that don’t have a lot of skills in gardening and focuses on the food.  Gardening for better nutrition is a good book for preppers, urban homesteaders, health conscious people – or anyone that wants a better life.

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