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Gardening Indoors and Under Glass

Gardening Indoors and Under Glass
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Gardening Indoors and Under Glass is a PDF copy of a book form 1912.  It is dated, but growing a cactus in a greenhouse hasn’t changed that much over the years.  When I began posting these PDFs my intent was not to stack a weeks worth of hydro electric documents and then a bunch of greenhouse ones.  My design was to split it up so that readers with different interests would find something they liked throughout the year instead of a week or two at a time every couple of months.

That worked well in a while, but the amount of documents I was uploading strained that, and when my ADHD decided I had enough of this work, but I still had hundreds of documents to upload caused me to have to make allowances.

However, what really is getting me is my obsession with my search engine helper, Yoast – its a great program it has little traffic lights that show me if I have written enough to allow google to find this page while searching, and I have this unreasonable goal that all 2000+ posts must have a green traffic light so if you wonder why I keep blabbering on in a post that is so self explanatory – title PDF of gardening indoors – below PDF of gardening indoors.  That is why.

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