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Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera Review


Gear Review: Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera
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Esi Hitch Portable Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera Rear view camera Water Resistant IR Night Vision Camera System Trailer Hitch Rear View with 2.5″ LCD Monitor For RV Trailer Motorhome 5th Wheels

Having a lot of trailers to move around and not a lot od space to do it meant I needed a backup camera.  Now, I admit, I got into the search for wireless cameras in order to try to reduce the thievery problems on my land, but once I got this camera I found it was much more useful if I used it as it was intended.

This came out of the box ready to use (other than charging) and it is pretty simple to operate.

It came with the wireless camera with a magnetic base (as well as screws for permenant mounting, a car charger, the wireless reciever, instuctions, and a water resistant cap for the back of the camera.

I have not used the cap yet, other then trying it on the back of the camera.  The manual says the camera is watertight to rain, so I don’t fool with the extra waterproofing because I need to remove it to hook up the charger.

Being a backup camera, the picture is reversed, but a simple press of the on/off button will change the image.  It says a full charge will give you 4 hours of use, but I never use the backup camra that long so I would not know.

I think this is a pretty good product, even though I am not sure I would spend full price of $150.00 for it.  With some searching you can find it at a discount on amazon.

I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for this review.

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