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Gear Review: Quick Barrel Gun Magnet

Quick Barrel Gun Magnet
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I got a chance to try out this $19.99 covert gun storage option and had to get a couple of my own.

This is a really great product for keeping a firearm at the ready but not out in the open.

I like the Quick Barrel Gun Magnet because it is a strong Neodymium magnet that allows flexible options.

It holds 25 pounds, so my Glock 19 is held up very securely, but it will also work with my Remington 870 or an AR.

I was worried that it would scratch the finish on my gun, but it has a protective coating and I have not noticed any scratches so far.  Now, a 100% money back guarantee doesn’t help a marred up safe queen, so I am not going to use it on any of my mall ninja guns, but for a working gun like a Glock, this works like a charm.

I did receive the model shown on the video in exchange for an honest review.  However, this gun magnet works so well I use them quite a bit.  I really like the idea.

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