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How to Make Brandied Strawberries: Genny Style


How to Make Brandied Strawberries
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I love brandied fruit, it is a wonderful way to store fruit, makes a great topping on cake or ice cream, and the juice is pretty nice to drink.

The recipe for this can be found in my book 52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Preppers, but I wanted to share it in a video also.

Since I wrote this in my food storage book.  I am not supposed to post the recipe.  At least that is what my publisher said.  So you will have to watch the video. Luckily:

This recipe is dead simple and easy to make.

It does not take much time to do, and the results are divine.

Making this gives you the food preservation benefit of brandied fruit.  You also get the joy of alcohol infused fruit.  Most importantly, brandied strawberries is a great gift.

I know my friends love it when I bring over a mason jar of brandied strawberries.

A gift basket of honey, brandied fruits, some homemade candles and lip balm prettily packaged is a hit – especially when the receiver learns that everything in the basket was made by hand in our kitchen.

I like the cost factor as well as the cool factor of homemade gifts, and my wife likes that it is personal.

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