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Get Bees

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I have wanted to get bees for a long time.  I like honey, but its expensive, so I say why not make it myself (well – get bees to make it for me)…

In addition to using honey on my peanut butter sandwiches, Honey is also a great replacement for sugar, useful for wound management, seasonal allergy prevention, as well as using the pollination of the bees to increase my garden yield.

It stores indefinitely, and I found out, you can use it to make alcoholic beverages.

Plus, plus, and plus….  So far the only negative is learning how to raise bees without killing myself, my wallet, or my relationship with my new neighbors.

I do know that there are two types of hives, the traditional Langstroth hive everyone is familiar with (white boxy thing on a concrete block) and a top bar hive. (cheaper and easier but produces less honey and more wax as well as taking more knowledge).  I also know that in Tennessee you must register and get a bee keeping license.  Its free and I just applied, even though I cannot get my new bees until the spring.  I guess I will spend the winter loading up on all the toys, building my hives, reading, and most importantly, making sure my wonderful wife is on board with another project.

Off to do some research….

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