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How to Replace a Glock Magazine Catch With a Larger One


How to Replace a Glock Magazine Catch With a Larger One
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I am not a Glock Fanboy that thinks nothing beats a Glock.  But the Glock has its place in the tool chest.

I understand them and how to make them work better.

One thing I do not like about Glocks are their magazine release button.  This post show Glock magazine catch replacement with parts from larger Glocks so that the catch is easier to use.

The first through third generations of Glocks have a short and small magazine release (the gen-4 has a magazine release button 3x the size of the others and needs no replacement).

You can buy aftermarket extended magazine release, but if you have a compact Glock, the equivalent caliber full size model’s magazine release is bigger and will work perfectly as an extended release.

Using an OEM part will be much cheaper than using aftermarket parts. – This might not be factory, but it is something the factory is aware of, and they basically did the same thing with the Gen-4 guns.

I learned about this “trick” for Glock magazine catch replacement from the actual factory Glock armorer school so this is not some redneck trick like sanding down the Glock connecter as a “trigger job”

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