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How to Build a Goat Milking Stand


Goat Milking Stand
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This Goat Milking Stand video is an older one that I thought I published here, but in writing a goat raising post for my new downloads section, I realized I skipped it.  I found that you cannot really milk goats easily unless you build one of these milking stands.

However, I did not use plans, nor did I make any, I just looked online and saw how it was done and then did it.

I used 2×4 to make a rectangle frame.  The legs were more 2×4 pieces.

A piece of marine grade plywood makes the top.  Next, I cut a 2×6 in half and hollowed out the centers to make a head stock.

This worked well, and has stood up to the weather pretty good also.  I need to make a new head stock, as the way I made mine caused it to split.

Another good thing to add is a food bucket.  My goat will stand on the milking stand and cooperate with my efforts to steal her milk as long as she has food.

Once she has eaten her fill, she is done cooperating, and I find that its best just to let her down.

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