2 Wheel Gravely Pulling Logs

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I just bought a two wheel tractor (and L8 Gravely to be exact).  I bought a dozer blade and a rotary plow at the same time.  I got a two wheel tractor instead of a sub compact tractor because I only have 5 acres and most all of it is a steep hill.  I was scared of working a tractor on the side of a hill.

This video is my first real use of the tractor and is of the Gravely Pulling Logs.

I spend the extra money and bought an adapter to run dual tires for more traction, and the hitch ball so I can add a wagon later.

The tractor pulled the log relatively easy, but using a hook over the small ball hitch was difficult, and I know I should not straddle the chain as I worked.  With high tension a broken chain would end in disaster, but with the light weight and the tractor I felt I was safely under the max load of the chain.

At this point I haven’t used the plow, but I intend to use it to build terraces and raised beds.  I have tried the blade, but with single tires that weren’t fully aired it didn’t really do much.

I will post more as I get better with the tractor.

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