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Greek Yogurt

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I never really have been a yogurt lover, but I LOVE gyros – I always thought the cucumber sauce was mayonnaise based and I never have been able to replicate it – once I learned it was yogurt based I figured I had to learn how to make it.

In figuring out how to make Greek Yogurt I learned how versatile it is, as well as how healthy.

Because it is concentrated yogurt – it contains nearly double the protein as the same amount of yogurt. Its thickness makes it feel rich but it is low fat and low sugar. If you use it plain it can replace sour cream in all sorts of recipes. It turns tomato soup into a rich tomato cream sauce. You can use it to make smoothies, as a dip with burritos, as a cheese on quesadillas – It lends itself to all sorts of creative cooking – Besides Tzatziki cucumber sauce.

As a side benefit – because you can make it yourself from homemade yogurt – it is sustainable and since yogurt is a way to extend the shelf life of milk – this recipe is great for preppers. (It’s also significantly cheaper to turn yogurt to Greek yogurt than to just buy it ready-made.)

I learned how to do this before I learned to make yogurt – so you can either use store bought yogurt or hold on two weeks for the yogurt recipe…


  • Yogurt
  • Equipment
  • Cheesecloth
  • Bowl
  • String


  • Line bowl with four layers of cheesecloth
  • Dump Yogurt into bowl
  • Bring corners of cloth together to make a “bag” or yogurt – tie together with string
  • Lift bag out of bowl and hang above bowl.
  • Let drain 8 – 10 hours until whey has drained out of yogurt causing it to thicken

You can use the whey for other things – most notably for baking homemade bread. I have also heard of people using whey for lacto-fermentation of vegetables – but I have to clear off some other things from the list before I can try that.

Spoon it into a container and refrigerate for up to six days.

I find this yogurt to be pretty mild and pleasing – like eating cream cheese. You can add flavorings, but don’t go overboard it only takes a little to overpower the yogurt.

I have tried strawberry jelly, but so far my favorite has been some honey and crushed pecans.

I just bought some granola that I cannot wait to try mixed with it.

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