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Greenhouse Construction and Heating

Greenhouse Construction and Heating
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The title says it all today;s PDF is about Greenhouse Construction and Heating.  Its from Cornell University Library and was written in 1901.

If you want to build a greenhouse and don’t want to spend a lot of money on kits, then this PDF will give you some good guidance, of course this is OLD so totally ignore the prices – entire buildings were sold for $20 in this book.  Its English so it actually would say 15 pounds but you get the picture.

For me, this is a resource not for the greenhouse construction part, but rather for the information on greenhouse heating.  That can be a little tricky.  You want something that is inexpensive, safe, can run unattended, and can last through the night.  The last thing I want to do is spend winter nights in a glass room stoking a fire and ensuring it did not burn down all my cucumbers.

The introduction is very charming, it tells how wonderful home grown produce it, how you can garden in the rain, and how people of delicate constitution can go “outdoors”.  THis PDF is well illustrated, and discusses a lot of issues about greenhouse design as well as construction.

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