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Greenhouse Management for Amateurs

Greenhouse Management for Amateurs
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Greenhouse Management for Amateurs is another old greenhouse book, this one is particularly concerned with growing decorative plants so that the home always has fresh flowers.

To that end, it has a couple chapters on monthly tasks and flowers that are in season and bloom each month.  Having flowers in the house is not really my thing, I prefer to look at live plants instead of beheaded organisms floating in a pool of water, but it that is your thing, I hope this book helps satisfy your bloodthirsty cravings….

irregardless, this document helps people become better gardeners, and this skill transfers from flower to edible so I feel that it is worthwhile to share.

It also helps me catalog all the documents I have cluttering up my hard-drive.  Since I still have a couple words to add, I will let you in on a secret – this is as much for me as it is you the reader.  Once I get all of this done I plan on taking a raspberry pi card and making a small network attatched server to run a copy of this website, all myh videos, PowerPoints, and other training material so that when I move to the land I can have all my documents at hand for when I do classes and workshops.  At least that is the plan.
Greenhouse Management for Amateurs

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