Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Management

Same Book as PDF

This is a PDF of an old book on Greenhouse Management.  I am offering the PDF of a book long out of copyright for free.  However, another person has taken this book and reprinted it sale on Amazon.  You can see a link in the picture to your left.

Excerpt from Greenhouse Management:

A Manual for Florists and Flower Lovers on the Forcing of Flowers, Vegetables and Fruits in Greenhouse, and the Propagation and Care of House Plants

The florist finds that in his profession changes are continually taking place, and if he would succeed he must keep up with the procession. Not only are new and improved methods continually being brought into use, but the plants that he grows change from year to year. A few years ago camellias, tuberoses and bonvar dias were among the plants that were most grown.  But now, if grown at all, they have but a small place. Not only does Fashion change the classes of plants that are grown.  But from year to year the varieties change, and the methods of culture improve.

Greenhouse Management

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