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Greenhouse and Nursery Practice Plant Propagation

It is one thing to be able to grow your own food from seedlings bought at the store, it is quite another to know plant propagation and be able to collect those seeds from last years plants and grow them into seedlings.

This is one area of self-sufficiency that I am not very accomplished in.

Heck I have a black thumb, it seems like every plant I grow from seeds dies.

That is why I own so many books on plant propagation, I want to be able to grow my own food from seed.  However, my problem is not knowledge, it is skill.  Mostly its patience, but that is a skill….

I strongly recommend any person interested in self-sufficiency or disaster resilience (prepping) buy seeds, but don’t JUST store them, get out and PLANT them.

A greenhouse is a great tool to have if you are working toward becoming more self reliant with your own food.  There are a lot of ways to have a greenhouse.  You may not need a fancy one build of metal and glass.  Simple hoops of PCV and clear plastic has been used by hundreds of preppers, homesteaders, and small farmers.

Greenhouse and Nursery Practice Plant Propagation

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