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The Greenhouse as a Winter Garden

The Greenhouse as a Winter Garden
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The Greenhouse as a Winter Garden by F. E. Field is today’s PDF.  This book is dubbed as a manual for the amateur.  It is useful enough that it was reprinted, and you can purchase a copy by clicking the picture on the left.

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In his preface, Fields says:

The poet, Cowpee, says “Who loves a garden, loves a green-house too.”  which is certainly true so far as this, that many whose attention, if they lived in the country, would be turned to the careful cultivation of a garden, are obliged, by living in towns, to content themselves with a green-house on an humble scale, tended principally by their own care.

The number of this class is increasing rapidly in our own country, and, in fact, is becoming more numerous everywhere else in the civilized world. Towns are growing larger and more compact, and the possession of a spot of cultivated land under the open sky, upon which the rains fall and the dews gather, is gradually becoming the lot of fewer and fewer of the human race.

Yet, the fondness for cultivating plants, supplying them with nourishment, watching their growth, removing the causes which obstruct it, and increasing their number by skillful propagation, is a feeling so natural that it may be called instinctive.

Plants minister so essentially to our comfort—they are so necessary in fact to our existence—they so gratify the love for beauty of form and color, and they show so many striking and curious adaptations, in their structure and properties, to the ends they answer, that it is not to be wondered at that their cultivation should become a passion with many.

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